The Dovahkiin’s Demise Workout Series – Warrior

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Welcome to Tamriel.

Well met, adventurer! This particular journey you are embarking on is not an easy one. In fact, it will likely be one of, if not the, most taxing, brutal, and difficult sojourns of your life. The question the gods are asking is: Will you be able to complete it?

As previously mentioned, this workout is not for the faint of heart. It combines standard, Olympic lifts in an ascending pyramid, with descending practical, isolation exercises. If done consistently (twice a week at most) or incorporated once a week into a well-structured regimen, increases in universal strength and functional mobility can be observed.

I developed this workout to improve the comprehensive strength/endurance, and overall functionality of movements a “typical” warrior attempting to weather the unforgiving environment of Skyrim would perform on a daily basis. Incorporating lifts proven to bolster gains in strength and size, alongside exercises that increase dynamic power in areas of the body usually used in hand-to-hand combat result in a routine that accomplishes those goals, as well as providing real-life kinetic analogues to movements used in mobility and battle in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

***The effectiveness of this workout depends on abiding by the set/rep and rest structure of the routine. Be sure to read carefully. Also, depending on your fitness/strength level, weight, and age, the weights used for each exercise will vary by individual. I will include my personal weights that I use for this routine beside the exercise. However, you will probably have to decide on what weight to start off with, increase by, and end on for each specific lift. Do this at your own discretion. Good luck! May the gods be with you, friend.


Type: Strength Training

Difficulty: Expert

Equipment: Standard gym equipment (Olympic bar, weight plates, bench, dumbbells)

Caloric Expenditure: ~ 375 (depending on body weight/fitness level/age)


  • 8 exercises
  • 5 sets of 5 repetitions (*) – Ascending Pyramid (increase weight each set)
    • Example: First Barbell Squat set: 95 lbs -> Second set: Increase by 40 lbs = 135 lbs -> Third set: Increase by 50 lbs = 185 lbs, so on and so forth*
  • 4 sets of 8 repetitions (**) – Descending Pyramid (decrease weight each set)
    • Example: First Dumbbell Snatch set: 45 lbs -> Second set: Decrease by 10 lbs = 35 lbs -> Third set: Decrease by 5 lbs = 30 lbs, et cetera…*
  • 45 – 75 seconds rest between sets, 2 minutes between exercises

*As mentioned in the introduction, the weights and subsequent addition/subtraction will vary according to the fitness/strength level of the individual

The Warm-up:

Treadmill: 15 minutes total – 5 minutes walking, 10 minutes jogging/running at 5/7 mph pace

The Workout:

*Barbell Squats: 135/225/275/315/365 lbs

**Dumbbell Chops (Alternating): 45/40/30/25 lbs

*Deadlifts: 135/225/315/405/455 lbs

**Deltoid Raises (Lateral): 40/35/30/25 lbs

*Power Cleans: 95/135/155/185/205 lbs

**Deltoid Raises (Front): 35/30/25/20 lbs

*Bench Press (Incline): 135/155/185/205/225 lbs

**Dumbbell Snatches: 60/55/45/35 lbs

The Cool-down:

Hip Socket Stretch: 45 seconds

Sitting Single-leg Hamstring Stretch: 30 seconds each leg

Plank: To failure

Treadmill: 5 minutes walking


That Ass…assin’s Creed Workout

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Disclaimer: I deliberately attempted not to base this workout on the Assassin’s Creed franchise in name only. I thoroughly researched the fundamental movements used in modern parkour, fencing, mountain climbing (all including movements employed in/similar to in Assassin’s Creed), and utilized the knowledge I attained from my B.S. in Exercise Science to develop a workout that an assassin from the AC series may have done to improve his or her comprehensive skill set.


This is a an extremely intense workout that stresses all major muscle groups of the body, with an emphasis on the core and lower body. It is comprised of both compound, explosive movements and dynamic core stabilization exercises. The routine is designed for individuals that desire to increase comprehensive power, improve overall balance, and strengthen muscles typically used in fast, high-energy, movements (similar to the various protagonists in the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise). With dedication and perseverance, this regimen will prepare you to climb and free-run with the best of them.

You may notice that it requires no equipment, and relies solely on the body weight of the individual. Body-weight training is very effective for people of all fitness backgrounds, and has a swath of benefits including, but not limited to: convenience, ease of access, functionality, as well as developing strength and flexibility.

There are 4 different levels of the routine, and the individual should decide (at their own discretion) which one suits their level of fitness. The workout should leave you aching all over, but not uncomfortable enough to debilitate you. If at any point during the workout, you feel light-headed, or sharp, intolerable pain, stop immediately.

Alongside that, feel free to take a few seconds rest during the exercises if you feel a bit too tired. However, try not to stop moving. During the rest period between exercises, do  the boxer shuffle to keep the body active. It is normal to feel the “burn,” which is due to lactic acid accumulation, meaning that you are approaching your anaerobic threshold, which is not necessarily bad (in fact, increasing it is beneficial to total fitness). At any rate, always remember that form is paramount, and speed is secondary. If you do complete it successfully, take a few moments rest, and revel in the fact that Altair, Ezio, Connor, and Edward would be proud.


Note: This workout should be done no more than 2 – 3 times per week

Type: High-Intensity Interval Training/Modified Tabata

Equipment: None – Body weight

Structure: Paired ABAB Format (applies to main routine)

Example: Exercise A – 30s –> Rest – 15s –> Exercise B – 30s –> Rest – 15s –> Repeat

Repeat once, then move on to the next pair of exercises

*Each pair will be completed twice


Level I: 20 seconds on/20 seconds rest

Level II: 20 seconds on/15 seconds rest

Level III: 20 seconds on/10 seconds rest

Level IV (Full Synchronization): 30 seconds on/15 seconds rest

Caloric Expenditure: 205 – 320 (depending on body weight/fitness level/age)

The Warm-up:

3 minutes

Standing Hamstring Stretch – 30 seconds/2 sets

Boxer Shuffle – 60 seconds

Standing Knee-to-Elbow – 60 seconds

Rest for 30 seconds before proceeding to main routine

The Workout:

Note: During the rest periods, make sure to keep your body moving. Do the boxer shuffle in between exercises to increase difficulty and calorie burn

Pair 1:

A – High Knees

B – Jackknife Crunches

Pair 2:

A – Thigh Slap Jumps

B – Crucifix/Wide Push-ups

Pair 3:

A – Single Leg Burpees

B – Side Hip Raises

(Switch side on second set)

Pair 4:

A – Jumping Lunges

B – Staggered Clapping Plyometric Push-ups

Pair 5:

A – Mountain Climbers

B – Side-to-Side Back Bows

Pair 6:

A – Squat Jacks

B – Plank Jacks

The Cool-down:

Sitting Hamstring Stretch – 30 seconds

Butterfly Stretch – 30 seconds

Cobra Stretch – 30 seconds

Child’s Pose – 30 seconds